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Curricular Options

There are key stages of transition in the school which involve our pupils selecting courses to form their curriculum.  These fall into 2 categories:

  • Broad General Education (S2 into S3 and S3 into S4)
  • Senior Phase (S4 into S5 and S5 into S6).

Below you’ll find all information relating to the ‘Option Choice’ process for each of these categories.  If you cannot locate the information you’re looking for, please contact the relevant Pupil Support Teacher or Year Head.

S2 into S3 Options

S2 Option Process usually starts in January.  Pupils will take part in a one-to-one discussion with a Careers Advisor and their Pupil Support teacher will also have many discussions in PSE class. The Careers Fayre at the beginning of February is a very useful event for S2 pupils and parents/carers to attend as they gain a valuable insight into subjects required by colleges, universities and employers. 

S2 Reports are usually issued in February and these can also form part of discussion regarding most suitable subject choices.  This is followed by S2 Parents Afternoon in the middle of March where parents/carers can discuss progress with staff. Pupils are then interviewed by their Pupil Support teacher and Option Form is completed.  This will be taken home again for discussion before being returned with parental signature.

S3 into S4 Options

S3 into S4 Options

S4 into S5 Options

S5 into S6 Options

Some useful links

The following resources may be useful in considering career planning and post-school planning for pupils:

My World of Work


National Parent Forum

The National Parent Forum has a number of useful resources and publications.  If you use the key word search at the top of their webpage it will provide you with a wide selection of useful documents. For example typing “National 3”, “National 4”, “National 5” or “National 6” will provide you with National course information guides for all subjects at that level.




Example document from a “National 4 English” key word search:

Example document from a “National 5 English” key word search:

Example document from a “Higher English” key word search:

Other useful documents from the National Parent Forum


(Skills Development Scotland, provision of career and employment information).

The school have 3 workers who are based in Calderside Academy.  They work with pupils on a house allocation basis (noted below).  You can contact them directly via email or telephone (contactable via the school number).  In addition Pupil Support staff can also liaise with our SDS colleagues on your behalf.

School SDS advisors: